Thank you for visiting our Starbright Children’s Development website. Starbright has put into place specific protocols and procedures as a result of COVID-19 designed to keep our clients and our staff safe as we have returned to in-person services. We look forward to actually ‘seeing’ you soon.

Infant Development

The Infant Development Program is a home based, community orientated program for children 0 – 3, who are either at risk for developmental delay or who have identified delays.

Supported Child Development

The Supported Child Development Program (SCD) is a community-based program that assists families of children with extra support needs to access inclusive child care. The SCD Program operates under the principles of inclusiveness and family-oriented practices and uses a multi-disciplinary team approach. Parents may self-refer or, with parent consent a referral may come from other community service providers. Participation is voluntary and SCD services are free of charge to parents due to funding from the provincial ministry of MCFD.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy addresses function and promotes independence through skill development, and adaptation of activities, equipment or the environment. The focus is on fine motor skills, eating, dressing, playing, brushing teeth, toileting, moving around, exploring the environment, interacting with others, and learning. Every child is different and the goals and approaches reflect their uniqueness!

Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists provide intake, assessment, consultation, and direct therapy – all with an aim to help each child become the best communicative partner he or she can be. Through play, which is the work of children, support is given to help build the necessary skills in order to promote talking. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to join in and try out strategies to use at home. Education in the form of workshops and training sessions are provided to parents and caregivers, as well as our community partners and the general public.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists use their knowledge of anatomy, neurology and physiology to promote physical development, mobility, and functional independence. Therapists plan sessions for the child that will best meet the goals that were determined at assessment. A comprehensive home-activity plan, with written and picture guidelines for the family, to assist in the continuation of the therapy suggestions is also developed.

Counselling Services

Clinical counselling is available for children and their families who are already receiving services from Starbright. Every child, mother, father, grandparent, or caregiver carries with them a unique story of their lives. The counsellor is very aware of the privilege that comes with hearing and witnessing these stories, while guiding the individuals toward more empathy and connection. Counselling provides the very private venue within which families can share the story of what it is like to have a child with developmental needs and grow within that story to fuller understanding. It also provides the child with an outlet in which to express him or herself through play.

Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding (HATRC)

Horseback riding is a valuable means of providing physical, psychological, social and recreational benefits to riders of all abilities. To a rider with special needs, a horse can provide freedom of movement, and a sense of empowerment. HATRC is pleased to be able to offer our riders both hippotherapy and therapeutic riding programs provided by specially trained therapists (American Hippotherapy Association, Level 2) and a CanTRA certified therapeutic riding instructor.

Starbright is a proud member of the British Columbia Association for Child Development and Intervention (BCACDI).