Our Playground Nearing Completion!

Habitat Systems Inc., Yard-by-Yard Landscaping, and WSSI have worked tirelessly to move our playground toward being done! The wonderful rubber surfacing for the play structure area will be complete very soon and the surfacing of the Omnipin structure location will begin!


Our New Playground has Begun!

Our New Playground!

The hope for a playground to extend the range of therapeutic options for the children we serve had burned brightly for a long time. We had the space, we had the need. We just needed the funds!

Playground Photo 1  The cost of such a playground was daunting for us as a not-for-profit, however two of the most wonderful things happened in July of 2015! We received a grant from Economic and Social Development Canada, legacy funds from the estate of Mrs. Helena Killback, and donations from individuals and businesses in the community that allowed us to finally allowed us to pursue the installation of a therapeutic playground for our clinicians and the children with whom they work! We could now purchase the playground equipment and install a wonderful soft and durable surfacing underneath it. The grassy area between our building and the alley was the perfect spot!

We chose to the playground by Landscape Structures distributed by Habitat Systems Incorporated. The playground design and the materials the structures are made from provide a sensory-rich experience for children that accomodates the full range of children’s needs, from typically developing to those with physical, cognitive, or sensory disabilities.

In August, just a few weeks ago, the process began! The property was cleared and mapped out. It was very exciting to see the beginnings!PLAY STRUCTURE AREA Getting to grade