Our Playground is Now Done!

COMPLETED Ominspin areaCOMPLETED Play structureCOMPLETED Street side view of Play StructureCOMPLETED Close up of Play Structure

We are so happy! After several months of construction, our new playground is now complete! The children are SO excited to use it! Our heartfelt thanks go out to:

For Funding:

Mrs. Helena Killback (estate legacy)

Economic and Social Development Canada (grant)

Two community donors who, while they wish to remain anonymous, contributed greatly to the project!

For the excellent work:

Stephen Doyle, from Habitat Inc. from whom we go the wonderful child-engaging playstructures

Yard by Yard for their amazing site preparation and landscaping

Mike Jerry, from Western Safety Surfacing, Inc. (WSSI) for the phenomenal child-safe surfacing

Tri-West Fencing for the beautiful green chain-link fencing, and

Curb-Ease for their excellent concrete work!

THANK YOU!                    THANK YOU!                     THANK YOU!



TD Canada Trust Dilworth Branch in Makes Us Smile!

The Dilworth Branch of TD Canada Trust surprised us in the most wonderful way! Three staff members, including the Branch Manager James High, stopped by our Centre with an incredible donation that will allow us to provide therapeutic swim sessions to our wee clients who have mobility difficulties! Their incredible generosity certainly put smiles on our faces, but wait until those little people feel the warm water and experience the ability to move more freely! Then there will be so many more happy faces!

Thank you TD Canada Trust!