Starbright “Sounds Better”!

What’s New?

At Starbright Children’s Development Centre we are thrilled to have had installed sound panels in our Multi-Purpose Room that reduce the bouncing of sound off the walls and ceiling to make it a much friendlier environment for children with cochlear implants!

Why was it needed?

Cochlear implants are medical devices that are designed to restore the sense of hearing for those with severe to profound inner ear and hearing nerve hearing loss. Children and adults who have cochlear implants are helped to hear sounds at near normal loudness. When sound escalates due to reverberating off hard surfaces, it makes distinguishing speech sounds very difficult and is frustrating for everyone but especially for wee souls just learning speech!

Our Multi-Purpose Room has a high ceiling and walls that gave lots of space for sound to bounce! These new panels bring the level of sound down so significantly! Now the children and adults who make up our “Looking Who’s Listening” groups have an environment adapted for them!

A Very Special Donor!

Our eternal gratitude goes to Mrs. Helena Killback whose legacy funds allowed us to be able do this!

Below are two “before” and three “after” pictures! You will see the panels and how they blend beautifully with the room. Points West AV Design did such a wonderful job!




Starbright Staffing Change!

First, a Starbright goodbye!

Today we say goodbye to Connie Mussell, our Data Management Coordinator for Starbright! Connie is moving to Regina, Saskatchewan (yes, in JANUARY!) to go on to new adventures! We will miss her so much! Connie has been a part of Starbright (COCDA) since 2003. She has made so many contributions to our programs! On Wednesday we had a staff farewell function for her to honor all those years of stellar service!

Next, a Starbright Welcome!

We are happy though to welcome to Starbright a new Data Management Coordinator –  Mieke Krus! Mieke comes to us with three undergraduate degrees (one of which is a Bachelor of Middle Management for Non-Profit Organizations!) and one post-graduate degree in process-oriented leadership and organization development. We are thrilled to have her! Connie will assist her in the transition period via telephone but we know Mieke will be up and running with this new role very quickly!


We were so very fortunate to have Minister Steve Thompson spend some time at Starbright recently! He had an opportunity to tour our facility and meet and talk with staff! We so appreciate him taking the time and look forward to him coming again! With Minister Thompson are (from left to right) Terri Russell, Team Leader of the Supported Child Development Program, Sherri Macdonald, Operations Manager, and Rhonda Nelson, Executive Director.