Entries by Rob Condon

Kelowna Firefighters to the rescue

A special thank you to the Kelowna Firefighters who donated the funds for Starbright to purchase UPSEE mobility devices for use by the physiotherapy department! These wonderful devices allow a child who has movement challenges to stand and move with the help of an adult. For a little preschooler who has never been able to […]

TELUS Community Ambassadors

The TELUS Ambassadors provided 100 hats and many lap blankets for our little clients this year at Christmas! Our boundless thanks to the creative hands of these community-focused individuals!

Therapeutic Gymnastics Classes

Thank you GARY PARMAR for your wonderful donation that will enable Starbright Children’s Development Centre to do more therapeutic gymnastics classes in the new year! You have made it possible to extend therapy sessions to so many more children!

Kelowna Firefighters

Starbright Children’s Development Centre is so very grateful to the KELOWNA PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTERS CHARITABLE SOCIETY for their amazing donation enabling our Centre to purchase Upsee vests to help our little clients with mobility difficulties! Your generosity is so appreciated!!

East Meets West Foundation Diwali Dinner

Board members, management, and staff of Starbright Children’s Development Centre were honoured to be part of the East Meets West Foundation Diwali Dinner on October 14! East Meets West has been a significant donor to Starbright so it was a privilege to support this amazing Foundation!

East Meets West Foundation donation

Our gratitude is boundless to the East Meets West Foundation for their donation we received Sunday September 10, 2017 that goes toward our All Kids Matter campaign! In the picture, from left to right, are Mohini Singh, City Counselor and Board member of East Meets West; Mike Hill, Kelowna Firefighter and Board member of East […]

Gennext Kelowna

Gennext Kelowna invited Starbright to present at their July 11 gathering at BNA in Kelowna! We are grateful to them for extending out to us and look forward to the presentation!

TD Canada Trust Dilworth Branch

Our forever thanks to TD Canada Trust Dilworth Branch staff for spending a Sunday painting our new mural for our Autism Program! What was a plain concrete wall was transformed! Their generosity in donating the two child-size picnic tables in addition to their time was amazing!