Starbright is so thrilled to have been chosen as the charity to be supported by the proceeds of the concert on February 21, 2020 by the Dreamland Band! The generosity of the sponsors in facilitating this event, and that of those who attended is so appreciated by Starbright! Reg Tomiye, the Dreamland Band’s leader, presented the cheque to Rhonda Nelson, Executive Director, of Starbright. Thank you Dreamland Band!

Autism Program

It is with an extremely heavy heart that we tell you that due to funding pressures that have escalated year by year, the Autism Program of Starbright Children’s Development Centre will end on December 20th of 2019. Our well-trained and dedicated staff have provided services to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and their families for many years. On November 19th, our staff learned of the devastating news. That same evening, the parents of the children in our Autism Program were let know, as were the parents on our waitlist for the Autism Program. The therapies and programming offered by Starbright through its other departments will continue to provide their early intervention services with the passion and compassion for which the Centre is known.

Starbright was so privileged today to receive from Burnett Florists and Gifts in Kelowna 50 floral bouquets to hand out over the day to our clients as part of “Give a Smile’! Thank you Burnett Florists! You definitely made so many smiles today!

A.C.T. / U.C.T. Kelowna West Council #1003 Donation

The wonderful A.C.T./U.C.T. Kelowna West Council #1003 has donated monies to provide our Autism Program with a fridge in the lower level! We are so very grateful for their help!

News Story about our Centre!

What a wonderful story about our Centre was aired last evening! Please share with everyone you know! We need help!

Child development centre in Kelowna appeals for public help


Mills Office Productivity – Fall Fundraising Campaign


Starbright is so very excited that Mills is putting us in their calendar that they will be selling as part of their fall fundraising campaign! It is such an honor to have been nominated to join other wonderful charities to benefit from this initiative! Thank you Mills!!

United Way Central and South Okanagan Similkameen

Thank you United Way Central and South Okanagan Similkameen! Approving our grant application has given Starbright the simply best news! We will now be able to provide childminding for our families who are taking part in the groups that our Centre offers! This means so much for parents to be able to attend together or even attend at all! Thank you for all you do to support us!