Referral for our Services

Who May Refer

Anyone may refer a child for our services as long as the legal guardian has given written permission. For our referral form, click here.

What Happens Next

In order to know what is important to your family, we begin by scheduling an initial meeting with you to discuss your child’s birth and developmental history, what your child does well, and how your child needs help. Together we develop an action plan to address these needs. As changes occur, we rely on you to speak to the individual staff members involved about changes in your child or family’s needs.

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Infant Development

Supported Child Development

Occupational Therapy

Speech Language Therapy

Physical Therapy

How We Work With Your Child & Family
Starbright delivers services based on a family-centred model. This means that the family is the primary decision-maker for the child.

Every family is unique and both schedules and availability can affect the level of involvement. Starbright staff are sensitive to the fact that family participation and involvement will depend on a variety of variables.  We will do our best to structure services so that parents/guardians are able to participate as team members as much as is possible and suitable for the family.
Some of the principles of family-centered practice include:

    • The parents or legal guardians are key members of the intervention team.
    • The concerns, goals and priorities determine the development of the support plan and targeted outcomes.
    • Parents or legal guardians are provided complete and unbiased information in order to help them when making decisions about the care of the child and they receive copies of all reports.
    • Team meetings are scheduled based on the needs of the child and the family. Families can request a team meeting at any time.
    • Recommended strategies are tailored to fit the family’s lifestyle in order to minimize stress.
    • Information and support are made available to assist families to connect with other families and support systems.
    • Your team members at Starbright will work collaboratively with other professionals in the community who are actively providing support and services to your child and family. Very often your child may receive services from an inter-agency team to ensure that all areas of need are being addressed.

Where Our Services Are Provided
Our services are provided in a variety of settings – at your home, early learning centres in the community, our Centre or in other community settings.

Our aim is to make intervention accessible to families and to provide opportunities to develop and practice skills in the child’s natural environment. Due to COVID-19, our programs and services are provided at our Centre or outdoors during the summer.

Centre Intake Process

In order to begin the process of providing for the needs of a child, the parent(s) or guardian will meet with Centre staff for an initial meeting during which information is gathered about the child.  At this time, information is also provided about the services our Centre provides. It is a time for new families to get to know us, ask questions, and help us to get to know their child.

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Our Service Area

Starbright Children’s Development Centre provides services from Peachland to Oyama, British Columbia.

When the Okanagan Neurological Association was formed, the catchment area covered North, South and Central Okanagan, and operated with only one physiotherapist.

Eventually, it was realized that the area was too vast and the organization split into three – North Okanagan Neurological Association (NONA), Okanagan Similkameen Neurological Society (OSNS) and the Okanagan Neurological Association (now known as Starbright Children’s Development Centre)