Parent Rights

Starbright Staff ensure that clients and parents have been informed of their rights and responsibilities at the beginning of service, upon request and at least annually throughout service delivery

Parent Rights

You Have The Right to…

Information regarding your child and his or her involvement with Starbright.

All records regarding your child are yours to view.  All written reports regarding your child will be sent to you and shared only with those you have provided consent for release of information

Information about additional community services for your child.

Receive information in a language that you understand.  You may certainly bring in an interpreter if you feel it is needed.

Be informed of the assessment tools and procedures that will be used to assess your child.

Express concerns openly without fear of jeopardizing services.

Freedom from any form of abuse, humiliation, neglect and financial or other exploitation.

Have any concern regarding the infringement of any of the rights stated here thoroughly investigated and resolved.

Express any values, morals or beliefs that you feel should be noted by Starbright staff that may determine delivery of service or development of individual programs.

Family Routine

You have the right to service that is supportive of your family routine.

We are committed to providing service that is not too disruptive to your child and your family.  We endeavour to accommodate individual family needs. Visits typically take place at the centre, in your home or in a childcare setting unless otherwise arranged. Frequency and length of visits will take into account family needs and will be confirmed with you in advance.

Requesting Information

You have the right to request information and support in connecting with other families and/or support systems, including legal, self-help, and advocacy supports.

You have the right to receive or have access to relevant, timely information for decision making regarding involvement with Starbright.

Planning / Team Meetings

You have the right to be included in all planning regarding your child.

Starbright staff work closely with parents/caregivers to identify and prioritize program objectives.  You may be asked to participate in team meetings and provide information for intake and assessment purposes.

Families can request a team meeting at any time.  This collaborative approach is to ensure integration of services and provide the opportunity for exchange of information.  Our goal is to ensure that families remain informed and in control of decisions regarding their child.

Risks Involved With Treatment

You have the right to be informed of any risks involved with treatment or intervention used in your child’s program.

Caseload And Waitlists

You have the right to be informed about current caseload size and capacity.

Each program/service has caseloads of varying size and priorities for service.  Your program service provider will provide waitlist information.  It is a goal of Starbright to keep waitlists to a minimum; however, it is a reality that the number of children referred for service generally exceeds program capacity.

Refusal of Service

You have the right to refuse service.

You may refuse any service or intervention. Starbright staff is obliged to advise you of any potential risks associated with refusal or discontinuation of services.

Individualized Service

You have the right to individualized service.

Programs delivered through Starbright are individualized after assessing of each child’s strengths and needs.

Trained, Qualified Staff

You have the right to trained, qualified staff.

Starbright employees are qualified and have appropriate training and/or experience to provide services within their program. All employees are subject to criminal record checks. Your service provider will share their professional background, qualifications and related experience during the initial home visit.


You have the right to confidentiality and privacy with regards to receiving services, including being asked to consent to the release of any information.

Information or documentation regarding your child will not be shared with any individual without informed written consent from parents or legal guardians or as required or allowed by law.

Information may be shared with Starbright staff members working or involved with your child in order to provide additional consultation for program planning.

Information will not be shared with any individual or organization that is not or has not been involved with your child.

Client files, computer files, videotapes and photographs to be stored in a secure locked location.

You have the right to be informed of any research that the organization is involved in and be given the choice to participate.

You will be informed of and in agreement with any referrals to other programs within Starbright as well as referrals to other agencies.

All employees at Starbright enter into a signed Confidentiality Agreement when they are hired.

In order to ensure that information is released appropriately, when parents are separated or divorced, the Centre may request proof (e.g. a legal document such as a custody agreement) of guardianship.

There is one exception to our confidentiality rule.  If we have a concern regarding your child’s safety or well being, we are bound by law to report it to the Ministry of Child and Family Development.

Parent Responsibilities


Parents, caregivers, legal guardians are expected to…

Be actively involved in the goal setting, planning and implementation of programs for their child and be willing to take on the primary responsibility for carrying out specific strategies with their child.

Offer feedback on the interventions used, giving information on their effectiveness and any areas of concern.

Inform Starbright staff of illnesses, allergies, sensitivities, injuries or other information that ensures your child’s safety and the safety of others.

Update the Centre regarding any changes in contact information (for example, change of doctor, address, or phone, number).

Parent Participation

You participate by…

Communicating to Starbright staff your child’s interests, temperament, abilities and needs.

Asking questions about any aspect of the service provided.

Informing us of any changes you have seen in your child between visits

Being present at the session when appropriate.

Never Alone Policy

A parent or guardian is responsible to be present when therapy is provided to your child in your home.
When service is provided in the home, a parent or guardian over 19 years of age must be home in order for our service provider to proceed with therapy. Service providers can not be left alone as the sole adult in the house with a child.


You have the responsibility to advise the Centre if you are cancelling an appointment.

Please provide as much notice as possible if you are unable to keep or make an appointment.

Due to Illness

You are responsible for notifying Starbright staff member(s) working with your child if you, your child or any other family member in your home has had recent exposure to, or if they are experiencing symptoms of, flu or other communicable illnesses (for example, measles, mumps, chicken pox, pink eye).

A decision to continue or reschedule the session or home visit will be made. Our staff is in constant contact with other children and we do not wish to pass any illness to them.

Missed Appointments

Parents or guardians are responsible for contacting the Centre after a missed appointment.

If a family misses three appointments without cancellation we assume they are no longer interested in our service. A letter will be sent informing the family that their child will be discharged from that program and a new referral will be necessary to reactivate services. If there is a waitlist for the program, the child will be placed on that wait list. The new referral date will indicate placement on the waitlist and reentry to the program.

Program Equipment & Resources

Parents or guardians are responsible for any equipment or materials borrowed from Starbright.

Any material borrowed from the Centre must be returned within the stated loan period in its original condition. If materials or equipment or other resources are damaged or lost, the borrower is expected to cover replacement cost.

Individual programs will provide you with additional information regarding your role and responsibilities that may vary depending on the nature and delivery of the service.

The Team

Parents & Guardians are expected to be part of the support team. Our therapists depend on parents to follow through with recommendations during the time between appointments.

Parent Feedback

Families have the right to express concerns with the assurance that their child’s services will not be jeopardized. If your family is unhappy with the services it is receiving from a specific staff member, the following steps are recommended

  • Discuss concerns with the staff member involved.
  • If your family continues to have difficulty finding a solution with that individual staff member, you may speak with the appropriate Program Supervisor.
  • If the conflict has not been resolved within 30 days by these means, a conference with the Executive Director may be arranged.
  • If your family’s complaint is about professional practice issues, you will be referred to the appropriate professional association

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