Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists strive to help each child become the best communicative partner he or she can be.

The focus of therapy is to explore strategies to improve the child’s:

  • Listening skills
  • Understanding of spoken language
  • Ability to make the mouth movements necessary for speech
  • Ability to speak clearly
  • Ability to use correct grammatical structures when speaking
  • Use of body language, gestures, signs and/or pictures, if needed, to help express needs and ideas, and
  • Turn taking and conversational skills crucial for playing and communicating effectively.

In addition to individual speech and language assessment, consulation and intervention, Starbright also offers group therapy sessions and parent training groups such as Hanen’s “It Takes Two To Talk” and “More Than Words”.

For our children who have been identified with hearing loss, we also have a parent support group called “Look Who’s Listening Now”.

Practicum Students

Starbright Children’s Development Centre works with accredited Universities and Colleges to provide opportunities for practicum students.