Starbright Children’s Development Centre Association Board of Directors develops a strategic plan on a three-year cycle to guide the agency in its fulfillment of its purpose. The goals that were established for the 2014 – 2017 year span address the agency’s mandate, how it fulfills its mandate through service, and responsiveness to operational needs.

Following are the Strategic Plan areas and goals, with the sub-goals listed:

GOAL: Service Excellence
Embed within the day-to-day operations of the STARBRIGHT the focus on quality, value and outcomes of services for the children and families accessing agency services
Incorporate quality assurance within day-to-day operations
Recruit and maintain qualified staff
Expand programming based on identified opportunities and consistent with mission

GOAL: Continuous Learning and Growth
Policy and practice congruence
Job descriptions of all levels of employees reviewed for congruency between Collective Agreement and agency needs
Focus on involvement, consistency, and adaptability to effect results in client-staff services interaction
Expectations concerning collaborative behavior modelled by agency staff
Expectation of staff as reflective practitioners modelled by leadership

GOAL: Operational Excellence
Create an action plan related to the branding of the STARBRIGHT that will raise the profile of the agency
Identify an annual signature fundraising event
Identify a minimum of two (2) minor annual events that generates funds and public awareness
Participate in community events to create awareness
Use of STARBRIGHT website as information and fundraising tool

GOAL: Expansion of Current Facilities
Develop a fundraising plan
Refine existing construction plans to incorporate potential program area expansions
Develop interim facility plan to accommodate expansion of programs

GOAL: Enhanced Efficiency and Effective Use of Technology
Use of technology to become as close to being paperless as possible
Ensure technology security is updated and back-up procedures are in place
Effective and efficient use of Nucleus database
Functional staff computers
Operational technology congruent with the needs of the agency
Building security system is congruent with a protected facility

GOAL: Diversification of Funding Sources
Seek corporate sponsorship for enhanced program options
Seek additional funding from government or other agencies to expand services based on client needs
Seek to expand base of support through local agencies to mutually support the needs of children and families
The Board of Directors for Starbright Children’s Development Centre Association review the Strategic Plan on a yearly basis to determine progress, challenges, and potential modifications to the original plan. At the end of the three-year cycle, the Board develops a new plan, incorporating portions of the previous one that still apply or adding new objectives that suit the current agency context.