Supported Child Development

The Supported Child Development Program (SCD) is intended for children who require extra support to be included in a community early learning or child care centre.

To receive this support, the completion of a Support Guide and evidence of a developmental delay or disability in physical, cognitive, communicative or social/emotional/behavioral areas is required. Inclusive community child care settings can include group daycare programs, preschool programs and family daycare homes.

The Supported Child Development Program:

  • Assists families in finding child care settings.
  • Monitors child’s participation and consults as needed to help facilitate child’s inclusion.
  • Coordinates and consults with parents, child care staff and team members to develop individual program plans.

Extra supports might also include:

  • Child specific training
  • Extra staffing
  • Assessment, and
  • Training and support for community child care staff.

In any given year, the SCD Program will work with well over 100 families whose children will be eligible to receive our services to support their child’s participation in the community family daycare, preschool, and/or group daycare.

Our Team Consists of…

Supported Child Development Consultants and Program Assistants who provide extra staffing support in a large number of different programs in the community. In addition, we have the services of a Visual Language Interpreter who works directly with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.